Creative World Fuel Cell Exhibit

Clean Power

Fuel cells in transportation

Get up to speed on the latest fuel cell technology through 3D animation, hands-on activities and a life-sized modified Toyota Prius. Find out how using fuel cells can benefit the environment, and discover the challenges that will need to be met before fuel cell transportation gets the green light for consumers.

Exhibit Highlights

  • Fuel Cell Q and A exhibit

    Fuel Cell Q&A

    Get answers to some frequently asked questions about fuel cells, like What is a fuel cell? and What's it like to drive a fuel cell car?

  • The Promise of Fuel Cells exhibit

    The Promise of Fuel Cells

    Find out the history and future of fuel cell technology and what it means for California. And most of all, figure out how they work!

  • Interactive fuel cell exhibit

    Interactive Fuel Cell Model

    Learn how the different parts of a fuel cell car work together to make it run.

  • Comparison Sticker exhibit

    Comparison Sticker

    See how a fuel cell car measures up to the fuel efficiency and emmisions of an old-style gas-burning car or a hybrid gas/electric vehicle.