World of Life Tess

World of Life

All living creatures—from the single-celled amoeba all the way up to 100-trillion-celled human being—have the same life processes in common. Discover the connections between all life forms with a trip down the Life Tunnel and into the exhibits beyond. Be sure to explore the five life process galleries: Energy Factory, Supply Network, Control Center, Defense Line and Life Source.

From apple trees to honey bees, we're more alike than you think.

  • World of Life, Digestion Diner exhibit

    Energy Factory

    Discover the different ways we all take in energy.

  • World of Life Supply Network cockroach exhibit

    Supply Network

    Explore how we all take in supplies and get rid of waste.

  • World of Life Brains on Parade exhibit

    Control Center

    See how we all react to the world around us.

  • World of Life Surgery Theater exhibit

    Defense Line

    Investigate the methods we use to defend ourselves.

  • DNA Double Helix image

    Life Source

    Find out how we all reproduce and pass on genetic information.

  • World of Life Tess


    Learn how organs work together to keep your body in balance.

  • Diatoms for Cell Lab exhibit

    Cell Lab

    Discover one-celled creatures and how they do the life processes.

  • World of Life Discovery Room

    Family Discovery Room

    Visit this hands-on activity area especially for younger kids.